Baby Delivery in Denmark

"Babies are always more trouble than you thought - and more wonderful."
~ Charles Osgood

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There aren't any maternity hospitals in Denmark. What they have is modern and up-to-date hospital complexes. And this combination of maternity hospitals and medical complexes is done with sense as a newborn and its mom can need some help of specialists. Helsinki hospital, for instant, strikes with its size, ideal cleanness inside and modern equipping.

A hospital in Denmark is not only the medical institution, but it is also the social, cultural and learning place. I would tell you only about two activities.

The first enlightening activity is called "The Day of Open Doors". Soon-to-be moms get to know about this day vie the post. And it is an interesting fact, but the Danish post plays a key role in the lives of Danes.

Baby delivery in Denmark
Newborn Danish Child

"The Day of Open Doors" consists of a tea-drinking activity, where soon-to-be moms and her family can talk to doctors and hospital personnel, and go to the excursions over the rooms and baby delivery department. Personnel show pre-delivery and delivery rooms to soon-to-be moms and dads. The parents also have a choice to choose the most appropriate way of baby delivery: sitting, standing or lying in the special water pool.

After-delivery rooms are also of special interests for future moms. The biggest room is foreseen for 3 women only. Lounges, dinning rooms, kitchens are equipped with all required facilities and computers. Future moms can ask any questions about how everything works and have a practice.

Thanks to that day, moms perfectly know what to expect. And when time comes, moms come to this institution as if it were their own home.

The second special activity is a tea-drinking practice with families, whose children were born in one hospital and whose moms became friends. This day you may see how, sitting in the comfortable lounge, parents are talking over a cup of tea, while their children are playing around. Can you imagine such a tea-drinking day in the hospital in your country? Hardly ever. But let's come back to the beginning.

If a pregnant mom comes together with her family, then her husband or other relatives can be invited into the delivery room and have a chance to cut the navel-string of a newborn baby. Then the newborn is washed, vaccinated and dressed. Only after that parents can take a photo of their beautiful baby.

But this is not the end. Guests can stay in hospital to live with a new mom and her baby in the same after-delivery room. The room has all required conveniences: a shower, toilet, and camp-bed. The personnel of the hospital are very happy because a new mom is not alone.

So, if you are thinking of traveling to Denmark being pregnant, be sure to have great time. It is also a perfect place to give a birth to a newborn baby.

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