Interesting facts on Denmark.

All Interesting Facts on Denmark Denmark - Peninsula fancifully situated on the Map of West Europe , it looks like Denmark somehow turned to Sweden. In the sea near Danish coast spread about 400 islands.

All official facts about Denmark

denmark facts

A lots of interesting facts on Denmark exist and you can find them below:

  • Did you know, that Denmark is the oldest monarchy of west and until 19th sentry Denmark controlled whole northern Europe and was very important power! Also you can easily remember Vikings , in old days they had conquered England and Normand. Very long time ago Denmark owned Sweden, and Norway but in 20th century Denmark has lost all this territory -The slogan : "Beauty in small", has been invented in order to justify modern claims of the country.
  • The Vikings lived from 800 to 1200 in the period of time known as the Viking Age. Originally , they come not only from Denmark but also from Norway and Sweden. By the way, the South of Sweden still consider themselves more Danes than Swedes.
  • Greenland is the largest island in the world. Since 1953, the island is declared part of the territory of the Kingdom of Denmark.
  • In the history of Denmark was 14 Nobel Prize winners, including 4 Prize for Literature and 5 - in Physiology or Medicine, and 1 - Peace Prize.
interesting facts on denmark
  • The Vikings were good sailors and most fearsome warriors of this period. Once the French capital, Paris was seized. The French king didn't dare to fight against them. He decided to pay money so Viking would live France.This money now are called Dannegeld. Later this word spread into another cultures.
  • The Danes haven't been a threat to anyone for hundreds of years.
  • Greenland and the Faroe Islands have been a part of Denmark since the 1700s.
  • Faroe Islands used to belong to Norway, but not any more - Norway lost the islands after the King of Norway has lost drunken poker game with King of Denmark.
  • For now Faroe Islands is part of the Kingdom of Denmark. The Faroes have been self-governing since 1948 and they refuse to become a member of European Union. This allows them ignore strict Euro laws regarding slaughter of protected mammals.

More interesting facts on Denmark listed below:

  • We can say that in Denmark, is a strange climate. Almost all year round temperature in their area of ​​10-20 degrees Celsius and rain is quite common. Constantly there is some gloom in the sky. Danes joke that their summer is different from winter because in the summer rain a little bit warmer.
  • Ribe - the oldest city in Scandinavia, in the south of Jutland. During the latest excavations under the ground silver coins were found. Proving that there was a town on the same site as early as 700 AD.
  • Most Famous Danes is writer Hans Christian Andersen , whose fairy tales have been translated into more languages then any other book in the whole world ( except off course the Bible ).
  • Every year in Copenhagen arrives more than a million tourists in order to look at the 165-centimeter statue of the Little Mermaid (fairytale heroine). This sculpture created by Edvard Eriksen in 1913 and set on a rock at the entrance of the Copenhagen harbor.
  • Lars Ulrich ( One of founders of Metallica ) was born in Denmark. This facts is interesting, because in whole history only two famous performers of heavy metal were ever born in Denmark: King Diamond and Ulrich himself.
  • Stroget in Copenhagen is one of the longest shopping street in whole Europe.
  • Park "Bakken" located in Klampenborg (Denmark), was opened in 1583, is the oldest operating amusement park. It is the only of surviving medieval "gardens of pleasure".
  • Copenhagen's Tivoli amusement park is one of biggest and popular in Europe. Actually it is one of the oldest amusement parks in the world.
    Once Walt Disney visited Tivoli and he was so exited with it that later he decided to make something similar. As a result, he created the famous Disney Land.
Denmark facts pastrey
interesting facts about denmark
  • Denmark has a lot of famous companies like:
    Carlsberg and Tuborg ( beer), Royal Copenhagen (porcelain ), Danish company Danfoss , Arla, Danish masters a well known for their furniture design. Also widely known are Danish sweet dainty- Danish Pastry.
  • Denmark produce a lots of stuff. Some of the goods well known in the world. In 1847 Denmark started to export to England wonderful Danish bacon. People in England liked it very much.
    Today Denmark export bacon worldwide.
    "Lurpak" butter is probably the best known brand of butter in the world. You can buy it in more then 100 countries.

More interesting facts on Denmark follow below:

interesting facts about denmark
  • In fact the famous Sail-like Opera House
    in Sydney, Australia was designed by Dansh Architect Jorn Utzon in 1957.
    Later he designed the Melli Bank in Teheran and Kuwaiti parlament.
  • The Royal Library in Copenhagen is the oldest in Scandinavia (1673). It consists of 500,000 volumes and 20,000 manuscripts. Among them the last great collection of manuscripts in Sanskrit, Pali and Sinhalese languages.
  • Among other things Danish people have invented the widely known children playthings LEGO. The name "LEGO" - an abbreviation of the two Danish words "leg godt", meaning "play well."
    Lego started to produce toys in 1932. The really interesting fact , for the more than sixty years was sold over 320 billion units of Lego bricks all around the Globe.
    If we make very simple calculation we found out that every human being in the world is owner of about 56 Lego bricks.

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Denmark was the first country in the world to legalise porn. Denmarks youth lies number one in most drinking and only gets competition from finland. …

French Fries 
Instead of ketchup, they tend to dip their french fries into mayonnaise

Grimsby an English Danish town 
I live in Grimsby England ,this was an old Viking town where `olde english` was not spoken, instead old western norske as in Danmark ,Norway and west and …

Bacon Trade in Denmark 
Danish kings supported the bacon trade

Mountains in Denmark 
There are no high mountains in Denmark! Denmark - Highest Mountains 1. Yding Skovhøj, Central Jutland - 172 m 2. Ejer Bavnehøj, Central Jutland - …

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In Denmark you get paid for going to school. You get payed between 170$ to 1030$ a month, depending on your age, if you are in high school or university, …

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Denmark was the first country to legalize pornography in 1969.

denmarks amazing facts 
denmark has 5 million people, but a lot immigtad from turkey and monuca! but no reason why!! xxx

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Today, I received some shoes from Denmark. They are Kalso Earth shoes. I have had poor posture my whole life, but when I wear them, I stand up straight …

Hans Christian Andersen 
i'm getting tired of people saying Hans Christian Anderson, when his name is Hans Christian Andersen!

Tivoli amusement park 
Denmark has the oldest amusement park in the world, Tivoli Gardens, which attracts more than 4 mill. people yearly.

Snowglobe Museum, Denmark 
Denamrk is home of the largest snowglobe museum in the world, located in Tavivi. Many tourists find much excitement, and shaking is allowed (on some)!

Sport events 
Denmark is the smallest nation to ever survive more than 5 years in a row in the best icehockey world championship group. Denmark won the European Championship …

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The mermaid statue 
The mermaid statue is one of demark's most famous statue.They believed that a mythical story about the little mermaid was seen by human, thousands and …

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the men there like to pour chocolate milk on their hotdogs and eat it.. they have stands that sell it.

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Miss Pip 
did you know that Copenhagen has a statue of Hans Christian Anderson's 'Little Mermaid'?

Denmark's capital city is Copenhagen

Facinating facts about denmark 
Did you know greenland and faroe islands have been apart of denmark since 1700s

Denmark Footie fact  
2010 world cup Denmark won 2-1 against Cameroon

Vikings in the bath 
The vikings had a bath once a month :-)

Interesting facts about Map of Denmark 
Denmark looks like a person :-)

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major inport and export is machinery capital is copenhagen landmass is 16,637 sq mi population is 1,400,000 language is danish april 16 …

-Queen Margrethe the first united Denmark, Norway, and Sweden in the Union of Kalmar in 1397 -Denmark is twice the size of Massachustes -85%of the population …

Denmark Is AWESOME 
Denmark is the coolest thing EVER! It is known for so many things and is the SECOND Most peacefu lcountry in the World! It is also the Happiest COUNTRY …

Denmarks Capital 
Denmarks Capital is copenhagen.

I applaud you danes 
i applaud you danes, more power to this day and age of military pacts and political alliances, you danes seem to keep your true originality and …

Grave Diggers 
Denmark is so small that when your buried you would be dug up a few years after your death for someone else.

Denmark highest/ lowest pts. 
Highest pt. is 568 ft. lowest pt. is 23 ft.

2010 winter olympics 
denmark has 15 athletes competing the the 2010 winter olympic games in vancouver.

Denmark's Flag 
The "Dannebrog" is the oldest national flag in the world. The legend says that the flag fell from the sky in the battle at Lydanise and helped the Danes …

Denmark Dolphin Killing (FAKE or Not?) 
I would never visit the country of of Denmark ever after reading what goes on with the dolphins. Slaughtered for no reason other than to give the boys …

Height above sea level in denmark 
The country's average height above sea level is only 31 metres.

happiest place 
Denmark is the hapiest country in the world.

I love it there it's so cool! you people have to go today I've been and I looked it up today and this so cool! did you know this I knew most

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ummm i like the danish/denmark culture their so unique in their 0wn little way and parts of their land i enjoyed taking facts about this culture thank …

whats intresting to international students in denmark?

Denmark Economy 
i know some about Denmark that you might not have known about... Denmark is one of the richest nations in the world because it has high quality manufacturing …

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Learning for a friend of mine. 
this resource is a big help because i attend high school and i meet this foriegn exchange student and this resource will help me alot adjusting in michigan …

denmark is one of the oldest monachary in western europe.

Interesting Facts about Danish Foods 
danish foods are one of the most commented foods in history as their chocolate waffles and apple cheese cakes rise high in popularity danish people might …

Denmark is small 
You can fit denmark 207 times into australia!

Laura Valentiner 
Laura Valentiner is danish

The Stars 
The book "Numbering The Stars" was occuring in Denmark at the time of WWII! Did you know that Denmark Was one of the countrys Germany took over during …

princes exist? 
Did you know that Denmark is one of the few places in the world that still have prices and princesses. Denmarks prince and princess names are prince fredrick …

Kronberg Castle 
Kronberg castle is a tourist attraction and is still used today

King Christian X was the favorite king of the Danes.He didn't have a bodyguard,entire Denmark is his bodyguard.

Denmark is the first country to have banned pineapple officially. It was seen as offensive to other raes and it was a sin in Hinduism.

Did you know? 
Denmark's flags is the opposite colors of Switzerlands!

Denmark came up with Lego The guy ( Ole Kirk Christiansen ) took the first 2 letters of the danish words play well ( Lege Godt ) and combined them. …

The kingdom 
Iceland once was under Danish rule. Denmark sold 3 islands to USA Tallin and the northern Estonia once was under Danish rule too. Denmark once …

Danish Invention 
Dane Hans Christian Ørsted succeeded in producing pure Aluminium Arne Jacobsen is one of the most important European architects with famous buildings …

Danish men, islands, happiness, woman 
Danish men marry the oldest of all Europeans - at 32 years old in average. Only 76 of Denmark's 443 islands are inhabited Separate studies have ranked …

Slavery in Denmark 
Denmark was the first European country to abolish slavery. The document was issued by King Fredrik VI on 1 January 1803. Denmark thus bears the …

the Lorelei on river Rhine 
Have you heard about the mermaid Lorelei near Koblenz river Rhine Germany. Perhaps she once came over from Denmark, got lost in the Rhine and liked it …

old flag 
Denmark has the oldest national flag in the world but the england flag is older!!

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