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Oct 15, 2015

I miss you, Dante

I'm sorry for your Tomas, even he past away almost 10 years ago. I know how you feel... I found my Dante on abandoned, on the street in a town where I

Continue reading "I miss you, Dante"

Apr 04, 2015

Travelogue: COPENHAGEN

There was once a little mermaid falls in love with a prince, who had to wait 300 years to become human. She continues to wait on a rock at the edge of

Continue reading "Travelogue: COPENHAGEN"

Apr 04, 2015

Denmark won the 1992 European Championships

Denmark won the 1992 European Championships --

Continue reading "Denmark won the 1992 European Championships"

Apr 04, 2015

Interesting facts about Denmark - White Flower Action

Idea of ​​the action against tuberculosis white flower, launched by the International Red Cross in the late nineteenth century, in 1908, supported by the

Continue reading "Interesting facts about Denmark - White Flower Action"

Apr 04, 2015

The little mermaid

The little mermaid was originally written by Danish author Hans Christian Anderson. After seeing the play, a sculpted made the statue if the little mermaid

Continue reading "The little mermaid"

Apr 04, 2015

Danish flag news - Interesting Facts.

The danish flag in denmark should always be higher up if displayd with other countries. We have 2 different colored flags the red and red bloody colored

Continue reading "Danish flag news - Interesting Facts."

Apr 04, 2015

Hans Christian Andersen. Denmark Facts.

Hans Christian Andersen was born there, in Odence in 1805-1875. He translated fairy tales in over 100 languages. He was an actor, a singer and an artist.

Continue reading "Hans Christian Andersen. Denmark Facts."

Apr 04, 2015

Illegal in Denmark

It is illegal to show other people that are not in your family any body parts except for head, thighs, arms, and legs.

Continue reading "Illegal in Denmark"

Apr 04, 2015


Lukas is a Swedish and Norwegian name, much as it is Danish. It is also German, and Icelandic. It is a boys name, and to be honest, I wouldn't really

Continue reading "Lukas "

Apr 04, 2015

The Best Danish Name

Jeg er overbevist om efter at gøre min doktorgrad i dansk nomenklatur, at den bedste og snart at være mest populære baby navn er Agape. Taget de græske

Continue reading "The Best Danish Name"

Apr 04, 2015


hi my name is Shahab. i am looking for a job in denmark. i love denmark. my main is agriculture. please do inform me. my email is:

Continue reading "jobs"

Apr 04, 2015


In Denmark you can make a good deal if you go the krammermarked a lot of nice stuff for a low price - unless you get bolletirøven by the salesmen.

Continue reading "Krammermarked"

Apr 04, 2015

Intersting facts about Flag of Denmark

The oldest existing flag of the Earth is a Danish Dannebrog. Legend attributes its emergence from the Danes to the beginning of the XIII century. It is

Continue reading "Intersting facts about Flag of Denmark"

Dec 24, 2014

SiteSell Affiliate Program

SiteSell Affiliate Program - Best Affiliate Program on the web. Join to SiteSell Affilite program.

Continue reading "SiteSell Affiliate Program"

Dec 09, 2014

Timeshares in Europe

Best Timeshares in Europe, Over 1500 timeshares resorts in Europe makes timesharing unique and not just allow you to visit one place, it can take you all around Europe and the rest of the world.

Continue reading "Timeshares in Europe"

Mar 13, 2013

Den - Our Lovely Dog. Memorial Page

Memorial page for our lovely dog - Deni. We lost him 13. 03. 2013 and will always keep the sweet memory. Dear Deni, I do hope you are in the better place.

Continue reading "Den - Our Lovely Dog. Memorial Page "

Dec 10, 2012

Free town of Christiania - the best place in Copenhagen.

Copenhagen struck me as a beautiful city, but very uncomfortable. With its area of Christiania all on the contrary - it was all old, shabby and overly

Continue reading " Free town of Christiania - the best place in Copenhagen."

Dec 10, 2012

Copenhagen - Beautiful and Inhospitable city.

Copenhagen seemed to me at the same time very beautiful and very inhospitable city. As in Stockholm, Copenhagen consists of a number of small islands

Continue reading "Copenhagen - Beautiful and Inhospitable city."

Dec 10, 2012

Ordinary Danish Houses, Copenhagen.

Ordinary houses here as well as adorable in Stockholm. A characteristic feature of modern Scandinavian architecture - houses made ​​of dark brick with

Continue reading "Ordinary Danish Houses, Copenhagen. "

Dec 10, 2012

Monuments of Copenhagen - Photos

I like the tough Danish monuments, but to look worn out The Little Mermaid I anyway did not go

Continue reading "Monuments of Copenhagen - Photos"

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