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Fun facts about Denmark - Strange traffic laws

In Denmark it's illegal to start a car while someone is under the vehicle, and before starting car you must check lights, brakes, steering and honk your horn.

You can't leave your broken car on the side of the road without marking it with a red, reflecting triangle.

Car drivers in Denmark must be very careful if a horse drawn carriage will try to pass your car. If the horse becomes nervous, the car owner is required to stop the car, and if necessary even cover car with something.

Headlights of your car in Denmark must be ON all the time in order to distinguish it from parked cars.

Very old law that say - When you drive car, you must send someone in front of your car with a red flag to warn horse drawn carriages that a motorcar is coming this direction. (Of course this is not true nowdays!)

In Denmark it's illegal not to report police when a person has died, and you'll be fined with 20 Danish krone (If they will find you :-).

Very useful law for saving the environment. You must pay a special fee each time you purchase plastic or glass bottle. This money will be returned upon return of the bottle to any of supermarkets.

Another great Danish law for any tourists. At the inn no one can be charged for food unless, this person by his/her own opinion, is "full". Also restaurants can not charge for water unless it's served together with ice or a lemon slice.

Did you know that carport added to a building will increases the value of the building.

Fun facts about Denmark - Flag of Denmark

It's a crime to show disrespect to Danish flag.

Fun facts about denmark

If you are the foreigner. You are not allowed to rise the flag of your own country in the garden. You can rise the flag of your country only together with Danish flag. The Danish flag should be hoisted first and lowered last.

You should know that if the Danish flag is hoisted to half of the potential height of the flag pole reflect grief and mourning.

The Danish flag should never be fastened, displayed, used, or stored in such a manner as to permit the Flag to be easily torn, or damaged in any way.

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Denmark - A cycling nation 
Denmark doesn't have easy access to transportation, SO THEY RIDE BIKES EVERYWHERE.

The little mermaid 
The little mermaid was originally written by Danish author Hans Christian Anderson. After seeing the play, a sculpted made the statue if the little mermaid …

Corruption in Denmark 
Did you know that Danmark is the country in the world with least corruption.

Danish flag news - Interesting Facts. 
The danish flag in denmark should always be higher up if displayd with other countries. We have 2 different colored flags the red and red bloody colored …

Hans Christian Andersen. Denmark Facts. 
Hans Christian Andersen was born there, in Odence in 1805-1875. He translated fairy tales in over 100 languages. He was an actor, a singer and an artist. …

Danish films 
Did you know that only three Danish films have sold more than one million tickets

Illegal in Denmark 
It is illegal to show other people that are not in your family any body parts except for head, thighs, arms, and legs.

Hair/hat needle on busses 
By an old law in Denmark, it is forbidden for women to wear a hair/hat needle more than 10 cm. long, when traveling with public busses or trains.

Emma and Marc getting married 
Marc and emma paynter made love and made a couple of young fishes and got married in denmark.

Fart Limit 
In Denmark it is illegal to fart more than 5 times in a minute, also the fart must last no longer than 4 seconds or you can be prosicuted.

The proud danes 
1. Erik The Red was the first person who found America. 2. The Vikings invented beer. 3. Denmark was the first country to legalize porn. 4. Denmark …

Not Illegal to escape from jail 
In Denmark, it is not illegal to escape from jail. However, if the prisoner is captured they must serve the remainder of their term.

Carlsberg Breweries ,which orgininates and is based in Copenhagen, makes up 55% of the beer imported into the UK. --- For more information please …

First Lollypops 
i like lollypops and the first lollypop was made in denmark

Navet Bluetooth og logo er opkald efter den dansk konge Harald Blaa tand og logoet er designet af de danske runer HB (harald Blaa tand)...

Official language in Denmark? 
in Denmark the official language spoken there is danish other languages is German, Greenlandic, and Faroese.

peacocks originated from Denmark then died out. Denmark is also so small that there is no information about it at all. :-) There are only two cool people …

it can't touch the ground either ! 
the danish flag is not allowed to touch the earth as making the flag dirty is dishonoring it!

Faroe Islands Whale 
When you are born on the Faroe Islands, you automatically are registered in a book of names, for the particular village. If you leave the country and come …

Did you know? 
On the June 15 1219 Denmark was the first country in the world to have a flag.

denmarks islands 
denmark has 500 islands, but only 100 of them are inhabited! denmark produces so much food they produce two times the amount of food they need! If …

Angela from Kentucky 
I was an exchange student in Roskilde, DK and was told that it is illegal to turn away anyone who comes to your home asking for water or a toilet.

Hit Swedes with a stick 
Very old law says, that if the Swedish cross the frosen sea you can hit them with a stick

Hans Christian Andersen :) 
Hans Christian Andersen is a very famous fariy tale writer. He worte 162 stroies and were translated into many different Lang.s :). He wrote The little …

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Drinking Facts 
In Denmark you can drink at any age but you have to be at least 16 years of age to accualy pruches acahol.

The happiest people in world 
The Danes are the most happy people in world. This is proved by tests. :-)

The United Kindom Facts 
The UK is a country in north-western Europe. It is bordered to the south by the English Channel; to the east by the North Sea; to the west by the Irish …

The texas flag hangs out of the cars of many faithfull texasens and well i think its cool that you cant do that in denmark

true facts about danish people 
danish people are the most happyist people (i guess that means i'm danish) :) there are (as of 2010) approximately 5,519,441

Beats the swedish with sticks! 
an old law, which is still in effect, says that every dane, is entitled to beat any swedish man with a stick, if the Swedish man, comes walking across …

The crazy fact about Denmark 
In Denmark it is illegal not to eat a Danish bagel on the first Thursday of every month.

Interesting facts about LEGOs 
They are made in denmark It is estimated there are 53 Lego bricks for every person on the planet.

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