Sweden to Denmark bridge
Oresund bridge

Sweden to Denmark bridge

Oresund bridge
Sweden to Denmark bridge

Oresund bridge - combined two-track rail and four-lane road bridge across the Oresund strait. The bridge-tunnel is the longest combined road and rail bridge in Europe. E20 - The international European route run across the bridge.

Sweden to Denmark bridge make the distance between two countries smaller. The best way if you want to get from Sweden to Denmark or back is to use the new bridge between Denmark and Sweden.

Oresund Bridge was constructed to show to the rest of Europe what two small countries could achieve in collaboration. The construction was imagined as an economical ,cultural and mental bridge across the region! Built by a Danish - Sweden states called Oresundsbro Konsortiet.

Sweden to Denmark bridge - Oresund bridge

This modern high tech Bridge connect Copenhagen , the Danish capital, and third largest city of Sweden - Malmo. The Oresund Sweden to Denmark bridge consists of two levels :

  • the upper one for the motorway
  • the lower one for the railway

The artificial island Peberholm was created to enable turning a part of the bridge into a 4 kilometer long underwater tunnel that would enable the passage to stay open at one part, not disabiling any possible oversized ships to pass.

The construction started in 1995 and Famous Sweden to Denmark bridge first was opened for traffic in July 2000 Oresund Bridge is one of Europe's largest bridges, It has a length of about 8 km ( 7845 meters or 4,9 miles ) . Besides Sweden to denmark bridge supported with 560 meters of viaduct at the Pepparholm Island ( artificial island ).

Since 2000 a total of more than 12000 vehicles and 50 thousand people cross it daily or it is approximately 4,5 million vehicles and 19 million people yearly!
Although still the traffic across Sweden to Denmark bridge rises for approximately 11% a year, it is expected for the bridge to be fully paid in 2035.

The area of Copenhagen ( 2,3 million inhabitans ) and Greater Malmo ( including Lund and Trelleborg ) together count over 3,5 million people , which makes Oresund region the largest urban area in Scandinavia. Of course , the area is expected to grow economically in the future ,which will make it the fastest growing part of both countries.

Oresund Bridge

It is only about twenty minute easy journey to cross Sweden to Denmark bridge! Instead of former only way - use ferry for about an hour. It may be more romantic to go by boat and it's shame they are all gone.

If you travel with privileged route Oresund Sweden to Denmark bridge almost every day . You will never get bored with it. You can observe all amusing and various weather systems- from total fog to storms and gorgeous sunshine with mysterious summer morning haze. You can enjoy with impressing view to Barseback nuclear power station on one side and Falsterbo canal on the other .

Then you approach to Kastrup Airport - watching how huge planes take off and land . You can see all mysterious red and green lights of the shipping lane in the strait. But if you use Oresund Sweden to Denmark bridge the first time it will be very much impressed. It is one of the amusing modern sightseeing's of whole Scandinavia. Don't miss your chance to visit it.

Toll charge and more info about Sweden to Denmark bridge

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