Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Denmark

It`s not easy to pick 10 best tourist attractions in Denmark because there are so many interesting places and great sights. Here you can find list of MUST-see places in Denmark for your family:

Most popular tourist attractions in Denmark:

1. Wonderful Copenhagen.
2. Kronborg Castle (near Helsingor)
3. Legolend in Billund
4. The old town of Aarhus
5. The Viking Museum and Roskilde Cathedral
6. Hans Christian Andersen Museum, Odense
7. Frederiksborg Castle, Hillerod, Denmark
8. The island of Bornhold
9. Skagen
10. The Oresund Bridge

Top 10 Attractions in Denmark

1. Falling in Love with Wonderful Copenhagen.

Tourist Attractions in Denmark

Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark and most popular place among all tourist attractions in Denmark. Copenhagen is not only largest city with population about 2 millions of people, but also place where you can spend most of your vacation exploring numerous attractions, museums and famous sights. Most attractions in Copenhagen located not far away from city center and it`s quite easy to see everything just walking around or using public transport (No needs to hire a car or buy train tickets etc… ) Here is why in Copenhagen you can find some most visited tourist attractions in Denmark.

It was so hard to choose the ONLY 1 place to visit in Copenhagen, so I decided to create additional list - Top 10 tourist attractions to visit in Copenhagen (coming soon).

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2. Kronborg Castle (Immortalized in Shakespeare`s Hamlet).

Kronborg Castle Denmark

Krogen fortress build in the 1420s by king Eric of Pomerania to collect payment from all ships wishing to enter or leave the Baltic Sea. Its current name Kronborg Castle acquired only in 1585 during reconstruction by Frederik 2. Located on a strategic site, near border with Sweden, the Royal castle of Kronborg played important role not only in the history of Denmark, but also in the history of northern Europe (16-18th centuries).

This magnificent castle unquestionably deserves to be listed in second position of our top list. Kronborg Castle (In Danish language called Kronborg Slot) was immortalized in human memory as «Elsinore Castle» in Shakespeare`s Hamlet. Millions of people from around the world visit this stunning castle to dive into «old story». Your kids may also will be happy to visit such old castle.

The best and cheapest way get to the Kronborg Castle is to take a train to Helsingor from the main station in Copenhagen. Your journey will take only 45 min and you`ll be able to see picturesque suburbs of Copenhagen. Also you can always take a guided tour from Copenhagen.

Address of Castle: Kronborg 1B Helsingor 3000, Denmark.
For more information please visit:

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3. Legoland in Billund. (Dream of Your Kids)

Legolend in Billund

Lego factory started to produce toys in 1932 and the original Legoland amusement park was opened in 1968 in Billund next to original Legoland factory. For more than 60 years was sold over 320 billion units of Lego bricks all around the Globe. Every human being in the world should be the owner of about 56 Lego bricks.

Must visit place if you travel with your kids! Legoland is definitely one of top tourist attractions in Denmark. Some people visit Denmark especially to visit Original Legoland in Billund. Just imagine small world where houses, cars, animals, humans… EVERYTHING is made of millions of Lego bricks. Legoland Billund divided into special miniland areas: Duplo Land, Imagination Zone, Legoredo Town, Adventure land, Lego City, Knight`s Kingdom, Polar Land and Gift Shop where you can always buy great souvenirs and Lego sets.

Nowdays, you can find in Legoland numerous family rides as well as thrill rides for adults of any age. It`s perfect place to visit with whole your family. Even unpredictable Danish Weather won`t spoil your day, since there are many indoor attractions and activities. You can even win Lego`s daily prize by creating new creature or building in Lego playroom.

Legoland Park located in the heart of Denmark approximately 270 km to the west from Copenhagen. You can take train from main station in Copenhagen. If you prefer to fly by plane, the airport of Billund located near Legoland. Please note: the park open from late March through early October! For more information please visit:
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4. The old town of Aarhus.

Danish attraction the old town in Aarhus

Aarhus (second biggest city in Denmark) is also important destination and has a lot of attractions worth to visit. Aarhus located on the east coast of Jutland peninsula (just few hours drive from Copenhagen).

The old town (Den Gamle By) in Aarhus is another great historic place that you must see. The old town is world`s first open-air museum founded in 1909, consisting of over 75 historical buildings collected from all parts of the Denmark. You can visit workshops, chambers, living rooms all year around and meet the characters of yesteryear throughout the museum from Easter to 30th December.

Nowadays old town is one of the most visited museum with largest collection of historical artefacts located outside of Copenhagen. Inside there are 5 special exhibitions: The Danish Clock Museum, The Toy Museum, Textile Museum, Silverware and Pottery exhibitions. The Toy Museum present over 6000 toys from 19th century to the 1960s (great place for your kids).

For more information please visit:

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5. The Viking Museum and Roskilde Cathedral

The Viking Museum

Roskilde is an ancient city from the «Viking age» established more than 1000 years ago. Roskilde was one of the most important Danish towns at the period. Back in 1070s five different Viking ships we sunk in Roskilde Fjord to protect medieval town Roskilde from attack of enemy. Only 50 years ago, Danish scientists were able to find them and pick up on the land. At the site where they found the ships was built Danish national museum for ships and boatbuilding called «Viking Ship Museum». It`s great place for people who love ancient history. You can find various exhibits ranging from ordinary cargo ships of ancient times to biggest Viking warships ever discovered.

Roskilde Cathedral Denmark

Nowadays, You can not only touch the history but use «time mashine» to test yourself as one of crew member on the board of traditional Viking ship sailing through Roskilde Fjord. Only during sailing season ( 1 May – 30 September), guests of museum can experience their sailing abilities. Also museum can offer special boat trip for your whole family on Denmark`s only steel shooner under sail called «Freia». Here every your family member can assist to set sails and control steering wheel. Such a perfect family adventure!
Also I would recommend visiting Roskilde cathedral (The first Gothic cathedral built of bricks). In 1995 it listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Every year over 150 000 visitors attend Roskilde cathedral.

Roskilde located in West Zealend, only 35 km west of Copenhagen. It`s just 25 min trip by train from Copenhagen`s central station. You can walk from Roskilde train station to the main square to visit Cathedral and then visit Viking Ship museum.

For more information please visit:

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OK, It`s time for Next 5 top tourist attractions in Denmark…

6. Hans Christian Andersen Museum (World of Fairy Tales)

Hans Christian Andersen

Every child in the world knows the tales written by Hans Christian Andersen. «The Ugly Duckling», «The Little Mermaid», «The Snow Queen», «The Steadfast Tin Soldier», «Thumbelina», «The Princess and the Pea», «The Emperor`s New Clothes». Even for adults, these names imposed sweet memories of their own childhood! In honor of H. C. Andersen in the heart of Copenhagen`s bay was placed a statue of his most famous creation – The Little Mermaid. Also Andersen`s birthday (2 April) is celebrated as International Children`s Book Day. Link:

Visit Hans Christian Andersen`s museum in Odense to follow his footsteps. You can find historic buildings and specific areas in the city, which stay exactly as they were when at Andersen`s time. You will be able to see: H.C. Andersen`s birthplace, the home of his childhood, the workhouse, the washing site, Black Friars` square, Andersen`s statue, Odense Castle, old prison of Odense, Odense Town Hall, the bishop`s manor, Saint Canute`s church, the Franciscan hospital, St Hans church and more… You will make a huge mistake if you cannot visit his museum while in the vicinity of the Odense.

Odense located in the center of the island Funen, about 140 km west of Copenhagen. As Denmark`s 3rd largest city Odense can offer breathtaking attractions, exciting night-life and great shopping opportunities. Many Danes consider it to be not only geographical center of Denmark, but also the unofficial capital of Funen.

The best way to get to Odense by train of course, since in Denmark you`ll find very modern and comfortable trains. The Voyage from Copenhagen to Odense will take you no more than 2 hours. If you prefer drive by car, then take E20 the main highway between Zealand and Jutland. For more information please visit:

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7. Frederiksborg Castle, The Museum of National History.

Fredericksborg Castle - Museum

Frederiksborg Castle (Frederiksborg Slot) is the largest Renaissance palace ever built in Scandinavia. It was a royal residence for Danish King Christian 4. The palace itself located on 3 small islands in the middle of Lake and connected with large garden in baroque style. I can safely call it as one of the most beautiful castles in Northern Europe!

It`s a perfect place for walking excursions and romantic boat tours. I just can`t express my feelings after seeing it… beautiful lake, baroque garden and simply breathtaking scenery all around! You can get pleasure not only from the countryside and the masterpieces of Scandinavian architecture, but also view an infinite number of exhibits presented at the Museum of National History. In the Castle presented Danish most important collection of history paintings and portraits.

Frederiksborg Castle located in Hillerod, North of Copenhagen. Hillerod is regional center of North Zealand. You can simple take train from Copenhagen -line E to Hillerod (journey time only 40 minutes). You can catch the train to Hillerod every 20 minutes.
For more information please visit:
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8. Pearl of the Baltic – The island of Bornholm.

The island of Bornholm Denmark

Bornholm is a small Danish island, which is located somewhere in the middle of the Baltic Sea to the east of Copenhagen. Bornholm is a popular summer travel destination for whole family. Many residents of the neighboring countries visit it every year, enjoying its unique natural beauty. ! The island has many beautiful beaches, picturesque bays, the flowering fields and old buildings (architecture of the 1800s ). Also island Bornholm widely known for its smoked herring and crafts and arts. No wonder why many Danes (and others) call this beautiful island - "Pearl of the Baltic".

Ronne is the largest city on the island, as well as the main transport hub. All the tourists who wish to explore Bornholm first arrive to Ronne. There are two basic how to get here. The first is very fast – get on a plane from Copenhagen Airport. Your journey will take only 40 minutes! The second and most popular way is to take the ferry from the Danish city Koge. Also there is ferry connection with Germany or Sweden. Such journey will take approximately 3 hours.

For more information please visit:

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9. Skagen – Land of Light.

Skagen Denmark - Land of light

Skagen is not only northernmost town in Denmark, but also very special place where waters of Kattegat (the tide between Denmark and Sweden) meet with the waters of the North Sea. It is not surprising that Skagen became a favorite place of residence for artists and writers ranging from the beginning of the nineteenth century. A small town with a population of 9,000 people during the summer season accepts more than 60,000 visitors from all over the world.

Skagen is also paradise for family vacations and you`ll be find lot of interesting activities for kids and adults. You can feed and play with different animals in North Sea Oceanarium. You can visit different museums, can play mini golf, bowling. Go biking, riding or canoeing with your kids or visit «miles of sand» with beautiful nature. Find personal inspiration living in cosy holiday cottage located near seashore. History lovers will be interested to visit Burried Church (Den Telsandende Kirke). This is 14th century church that covered by moving sanddunes. The Burriend Church is very popular landmark of Skagen , so many tourist visit it every year.

Skagen located 40 km north to Frederikshavn. Best way to get here is to take train from Copenhagen central station and then take local bus. If you travel by car use E45 Frederikshavn motorway and E39 Hirtshals motorway.

For more information please visit:

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10. Oresund Bridge – Connecting Civilizations.

Oresund Bringe between Denmark and Sweden

Oresund Bridge was constructed to show to the rest of Europe what two small countries could achieve together. The construction was imagined as an economical ,cultural and mental bridge across the region! This modern Bridge connect Copenhagen and Malmo (third largest city of Sweden).

It will take you only 20 minutes to cross distance between Denmark and Sweden on high tech train, but I would also recommend to take romantic boat trip and see how impressive Oresund bridge from short distance. Don't miss your chance to visit Sweden in such unusual way. For more information please click here.

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Dear friends let`s cheat a little bit :-) Well, It`s too difficult to follow rules and I`m going to suggest 5 more important tourist attractions in Denmark. They also in my Top List, but worth your visit.

-Beautiful Danish Beaches.

Beautiful Danish Beaches

Do you love beautiful sandy beaches as much as I do? This means that you simply must visit some of the most famous beaches in Denmark, not matter if it’s summer of winter time! The Danish coastline with its unusual sand dunes and a nice green grass and shrubs looks charming in all seasons. Of course July to August would be just perfect time for swimming and windsurfing.

Here you can find short list of most popular beaches in Denmark: Amager beach near Copenhagen, Middelfart Marina beach (Fun), Bisnap beach (North Jutland), Henne Strand beach (West Jutland).

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-The Cliffs of Mon (white wonder)

White Cliff Denmark - The Cliff of Mon

When you touch the white cliff you are touching the real 70 million years old history. Chalk Cliff’s excellent tourist attraction and impressive landmark located along the eastern cost of Mon island. It’s one of the highest points in Denmark (143 m above the sea) and nature reserve protected by Danish government. Every year over 300 000 people from all Europe visit white cliffs to enjoy with wonderful views. The cliffs are divided into separate areas which together create one of the most picturesque views in Denmark.

- Jelling Runic Stones

The Jelling runic stones - Denmark

Massive collection of runestones found in Denmark near town of Jelling. On one of the small runic stones, scientists have discovered the very first mention of the country, Denmark! Also here you can see the oldest picture of Christ. The Jelling runic stones and artefacts are great examples of Nordic culture of the 10th century.

-The Faroe Islands

The Faroe Island Denmark

18 islands of Faroe archipelago located in the North Atlantic northwest of Scotland. Faroe Islands are self governing region of the Kingdom of Denmark since 1948, and still not member of the European Union. The Faroe Islands are the perfect place for fishing, active holidays and for watching birds, especially rare birds. You can see them everywhere, especially in the northern and west regions. You can always rend cosy house near hot spot.

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