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coat of arms denmark
Danish coat of arms

Denmark is a small peninsula bizzare situated on map of eastern europe. There are over 400 tiny islands spread near Danish shore. But people live only one few of them.

Do you know , that Denmark is the oldest monarchy of West and until 19th century controlled whole northern europe? You can easily remember viking, they had conquered England and Normand. Long time ago Denmark own Islandia,Sweden and Norway, but in 20 century was invented a motto:
" Small is beautiful" , showed current intentions of Denmark.

Tourists will find as the Kingdom of Harmony with its beautiful nature and friendly people all around. But at the same time you'll have a strange feeling. New unseen before places Strange language - Danes speak the language what sounds like no other. 

Most people thinking of Denmark as agricultural country full of castles from fairytale of H C Andersen and looking for any signs of magic in beautiful Danish old fashioned buildings.

All your superstitions will disappear just after few hours in the Denmark. Instead of imaginary medieval kingdom you'll get to one of most developed countries in the world. The country which use advanced technologies and produce high tech products.  Powerful giants windmills perfect roads always clean streets and multilingual society - is the new Danish reality.

The famous little mermaid is powerful brand/commercial project that attracts millions of tourists. Every tourist take home a small part of Copenhagen - The little mermaid on the small stone. But most tourists feel a bit disappointed after they visited the real monument of mermaid in the Copenhagen. The mermaid is very small and stay too far away from the shore ( To protect monument from vandals).

Denmark is also famous for its modern design and street art. In Copenhagen and other big cities you'll find a lot of modern monuments with strange unseen before objects. Danish government pay a lot of money for artists to create new masterpieces of modern art.

Although Danish summer in not very hot the endless beaches full of Germans and surfing lovers from all around the globe. Most famous beaches situated in the south shore of Jutland peninsula. 

With assistance of you'll be able to see only the most visited and famous places of Denmark but the real country behind the official appearance. We'll help you to find hundreds of hidden spots what tourist even don't know anything about. There are a lot of great places attended only by local inhabitance. Join our trip to amazing country - Denmark.


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