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When a tourist comes to Denmark, he or she is very surprised to hear uncommon popular baby names in Denmark. Some of these names we heard in our childhood when our parents were reading a fairy-tale. But some names can really get you in a tight corner if you are not aware of Danish baby names, the parent can give to their newborns.

Popular baby names in Denmark

Just imagine you are in Denmark and someone of the residents gives your a hand and introduces as "Hi! My name is Meta..."

"Oops! Sorry, what is your name? Meta? Are you kidding? I'm HTML!"

Yeah, if you don't know that Danish parents can call a baby girl as Meta, and it is a Danish form for Margaret, you might get into difficulties. That's why, if you are going to Denmark, look through the most popular baby names.

Name Meaning Gender
Abellona Mannish. F
Balduin Bold. M
Bartram Glorious raven. The raven was consecrated to the Norse war god Odin and was the emblem of the Danish royal standard. M
Bent Blessed. M
Berde Glacier. M
Bergitte Danish form of Bridget. F
Clady Danish form of Claudia. F
Ejnar Warrior. M
Federikke Feminine form of Frederik. F
Frans Free. M
Frederik Peaceful ruler. M
Gelsomina Jasmine. F
Gjerta Protection. F
Gregos Watehful. M
Gytha Warring. F
Harald War chief. M
Henning Danish form of Henry. M
Ingeborg Ing's protection. F
Ingelise Ing's grace. F
Jakob Danish form of Jacob. M
Jantzen Variant of the Hebrew John Jehovah has been gracious; has shown favor. M
Jensine God is generous. F
Joen Danish form of John. M
Joren Farmer. M
Jorgen Farmer. M
Joris Farmer. M
Kaj earth M
Karon Abbreviation of Katherine: pure. F
Karren Abbreviation of Katherine: pure. F
Karrin Abbreviation of Katherine: pure. F
Karyn Abbreviation of Katherine: pure. F
Katrine Pure. F
Knud Kind. M
Kolinka Born to the conquering people. F
Kolinkar Born to the conquering people. M
Margarethe Danish form of Margaret. F
Meta Danish form of Margaret. F
Mettalise Graceful pearl. F
Niels Son of Niel. M
Nielsine Feminine of Neils. F
Nils Son of Niel. M
Ole Family. M

And although there many more baby names in Denmark than herein listed, some parents nowadays give to their newborn babies internationally popular baby names. Whereas, the Danes, who live abroad, try to find Danish baby names in the Internet and name a baby in order to keep Danish roots.

It needless to say, that these Danish baby names are very popular in Denmark, but outside of Denmark they are considered to be uncommon baby names. So, if you are looking for your future baby some rare baby names, go to Denmark and select a fabulous name for a newborn prince or princess. And that would be a unique baby gift for the rest of baby's life.

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