Current King of Denmark, royal family.

This article about current King of Denmark and life of Royal family.

Queen Ingrid . Was born in 1910 in Sweden. Even then her dother in 1972 become queen , she left her titul. Queen Ingrid have 2 dothers more: Anne-Marie and Benedicta. Anne-Marie become wife of king Konstantin of Greece.

Real current King of Denmark actually Queen. Margrete 2 . Margrete-Alexandria-Torildur-Ingrid. Was born 16 April 1940. Every one know that danes adore her. We should admit that danish monarh in 20 century always were very close to danes. They do not used word Servants was incommon because absolute monarchy was destroed almost century ago. Even father of current queen very often walked alone along streets of Copenhavn.

Margrete become monarch in 1972, she was 31 year old. She was ready to fulfil her obligations because in 1953 in constitutions was made some ammendments, allowed woman to be in monarch. Same was only once in 19 century in times of long Regent reich of Margrete 1.Current king of Denmark- The queen have only representativ functions.But she also play important role of mediator : twice a year queen accectin Cristianborg danes who was asking for her personal audience . Queen appear on tv in new year ive, whiche danes are waiting eagerly. She has one more possibility meets with sitizens, and also plame them if they were too selfish. Despite official obligations the queen like very much art.On famous picture you can see like on the floor of her workshop she is making costums for Andersens tale. Queen Margrete 1st is the autor of few post marks and she also made some pictures for danish version of famous book " Master of the rings " She also decored the title of book Simona de Bovuar " everyone is mortal " she aslo has made a translation of it together with her husband . This time she made it under nickname. At her 60 she smoke much, many danes don't like it. Once danes maid boycot to marks what she made, to forse her give up smoking. But she still smoke ...

Prince Henric . Earl Anry Labord de Monpesa. Was born in 1934. in Tallance ( France). Margarete met this french politician in London . In 1967 in Copenhavn they married. He become danish sitizen and price-consort. Some part of danes don't want to accept him . They blame that he like glaimours life. He adore old far too expensive cars etc... Every august he attend his castle in Cagor. Where together with wife prepaired everything for grape gathering.Area of fields is 15 ha. In mansion you can buy a vine.

Prince Frederic .Was born in 1968. Received millitary education, studied law and political sience in Arhus.In autum 1992 went to Harvard university . Due to rules of university he has to create a surname. Royal family do not have surname only dinasty name.Because of this he received surname Henriksen ( son of king ). This way during centuries in denmark was created many surnames. Frederic oldest son and he is going to become king one day.

Prince Jokim . Was born in 1969. Received agricultural education . It is looks like danes love him more then older brother. They decide thay his behavoir is more suite to future danish king. He received castle in Shakkenborge ( Jutland ). Where he can do some agriculture.

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